About Us

All of us here at Swing It believe one of the most important things in life is happiness, or to put it another way…having a ridiculously good time wherever possible.  If you’re like us and you enjoy seeking out fun that’s different to the norm (and exciting to boot) then, like us, you’re going to absolutely love Swing dancing.

Every facet of Swing is so exciting and rich that you won’t be able to help but get caught up in it.  We’re all self confessed Jazz music and Jazz history geeks and take pride in teaching classes that not only involve the dancing side but also include great tid bits on the music, clothing and events of the era.  Because of this there’s really no better place in Perth to start your Swing journey than the Swing It Dance School.

Swing It specialises in the authentic dances from the 1920s, 30s and 40s including Lindy Hop, Charleston and more.  We run regular classes, workshops and events that focus on the world of Swing music and Swing dancing.  Our team includes some of the best dancers in the country including international level teachers and internationally recognised Swing DJs.

Swing dancing classes

With new students starting every week our classes have a fantastic social atmosphere (some of our students even bring freshly baked cookies and cakes!  We officially have no problem with that).  Why not pay us a visit, kick up your heels and prepare to be bitten by the Lindy Bug…if for no other reason than the cookies.

Swing dancing in Perth

For all further information please contact Swing It! either by phone 0407 086 863 or via email shane@swingit.com.au

The Swing It! Team

Shane McCarthy (Swing It Director)


Shane McCarthy, owner of the Swing It! Dance School, is also an internationally published author, DJ, motivational speaker, 2006 Australian Hellzapoppin’ Champion and the first international Lindy Hop teacher to come out of Perth.

Apart from having taught around Australia Shane has also taught internationally in Japan, LA, Sweden and London.  In 2008 Shane was invited to teach at the ‘Herrang Dance Camp’ (Sweden) the world’s #1 international Swing dancing camp and has been teaching there annually ever since.  Shane and Ruth are the first Australian Swing teachers ever to be invited to teach at the prestigious camp.

Teaching Staff