Swing It Performs At PIAF 2017

Swing It returned to PIAF this year with two nights of performing with the Evan Sherman Big Band.  During the performance Shane & Ruth were asked up on stage to dance alongside the band…

PLJ Lindy Hopper’s Sports Carnival

The PLJ Lindy Hoppers Sports Day Carnival is gonna rock your knee high socks off!

Don your sports sweats, grab a refreshment at The Canteen, get your fill of Red Frogs and prepare to swing out until your hearts content to some of Perth’s best DJ’s. There will be FUN! Hilarious comps with PRIZES and a darn fine sporty time for all!

ALHC (the Australian Lindy Hop Championships) is taking a hiatus until 2018, but that won’t stop this year’s PLJ Saturday night social bringing out your competitive side.

It is the perfect opportunity to social dance with our incredible international guests Remy Kouakou Kouame and Moe Sakan too.

DRESS: Something Sporty

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall

WHEN: 8pm – 11.30pm, Saturday 11th March

COST: $15 or FREE with a Full Pass

Dancing For Charity

Our last Rhythm Lounge was a fantastic effort to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.  We had a huge turn out and all proceeds went to ASRC plus all proceeds from the fantastic bake sale we had on the night!  In total we raised $850 and couldn’t be more proud.  Our wonderful community came together to help those in need.  Great stuff.

Classes Are On Tonight (Mon 6 Mar)

It’s a public holiday but classes are still on!  Come on down for some Monday night fun.

Harlem In North Perth

PIAF have brought a very special guest to Perth all the way from Harlem! Lana Turner is a well known Harlem personality who’s been dancing up a storm her whole life. Lana still Swing dances regularly and is known for her smooth style and flair.

Lana is in town to feature with the Evan Sherman Big Band but, this Tuesday night, she will also be our very special guest in Level 2 at North Perth.

PIAF will be there with cameras rolling to get some footage of Lana connecting with local dancers, two generations coming together.

Lana loves 6 count so Ruth and I will be teaching a special 6 count class. Lana will be in the class as a follow and I’ll make sure to call on her for input and style advice.

Come down this Tuesday to be a part of a great event and to make Lana feel extra welcome.

Level 1 and 3 will be running as normal.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, View St North Perth
WHEN: Tuesday Feb 21st, 7.30pm (Level 2)
COST: Regular class price

Code Of Conduct

Swing It’s Code Of Conduct

Everyone should feel comfortable speaking up about violations of the Code of Conduct.

If you or someone you know have felt uncomfortable by the actions of anyone (student, teacher, musician etc.) at our events or classes, please let us know right away. Swing It will ensure that your confidentiality is upheld and we will take the appropriate steps to deal with the situation. We will support you.

  • Respect each other.  This is an inclusive community for people from all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, faiths etc. to meet and share in this very awesome dance we call Lindy Hop. ALL ARE WELCOME. Saying rude/racist/prejudiced things to each other hurts the experience of the whole community and comments of that nature will not be tolerated.
  •  Do NOT harass anyone, in any way. Not sexually, not physically, not emotionally, not by leering, by making suggestive comments, or by bullying. To fully understand what is considered harassment, please visit the Victorian Human Rights Commission‘s website.
  • Ask people to dance verbally. It is important that consent is given before you start dancing. Start by asking “Are you dancing?”.  Sometimes people are there to watch and not to dance or may be deep in conversation.  Once you’ve asked, everyone has the right to revoke consent at any time. Consent to touch for dance purposes does not include the right to touch the person anywhere. Be aware of your partner’s non-verbal reactions as well. It’s also polite to say which role you’re asking to dance as (Lead or Follow).
  •  Saying yes to one dance, doesn’t mean you have to say yes to two or more. Sometimes people want to dance more than one dance in a row with the same partner. This is not a requirement.
  • Be okay with NO.  It’s okay to say no when someone asks you to dance. Reciprocally, if someone says no to you, they have their reasons too.  Try not to take it personally. See it as supporting your own license to say no!
  • If you feel hurt or violated in a dance, it’s OK to stop dancing.  You can let the person know why. Dancers, please don’t be rough with each other.
  • Giving dance advice on the social floor is not allowed. During a dance class, you may ask a dance partner if they would like feedback, and can proceed if they say yes. Be polite.
  • No lifts and aerials on the social floor. Airsteps have always been reserved for performances and jam circles, where it is considered okay to do so, with consent of your partner. Stay safe! Always make sure your partner knows that you intend to do the airstep.
  • If you are intoxicated and acting out, you will be asked to leave. If this happens more than once, you may be asked to leave indefinitely.

How can I report something?

  • Tell your teacher or another Swing It staff member ASAP.  If you do not feel comfortable reporting something at an event or class, you can call us on 0407086863 or email Shane at
  • Email Shane at  Shane feels very seriously about safe spaces and your report will be listened to regardless of who it’s about.
  • Encourage a friend to tell us.  If you don’t feel comfortable telling us personally then encourage a friend to tell us for you.  Alternatively, if you’re a friend of someone that is experiencing harassment, please let us know.  We will maintain all information in the strictest confidence.

What will happen next?

Depending on the situation, violators of the Code of Conduct will experience outcomes which vary from a conversation and reference to the Code of Conduct, to expulsion from our venues and events, to an all out ban from all classes and events.

Repeated infringement of our Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.