Fun Stuff

Dancing For Charity

Our last Rhythm Lounge was a fantastic effort to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.  We had a huge turn out and all proceeds went to ASRC plus all proceeds from the fantastic bake sale we had on the night!  In total we raised $850 and couldn’t be more proud.  Our wonderful community came together to help those in need.  Great stuff.

Swing It Returns To PIAF

Last year I was a choreographer for the opening of PIAF 2016. My team, Savoy Stomp, performed before a crowd of more than 50,000 people. I couldn’t have been more proud.

Well, I’m happy to say that PIAF have asked us back for 2017 and myself and Savoy Stomp will be performing with the Evan Sherman Big Band at the Chevron Gardens. If you get the chance, come and check us out.

— Shane

Evan Sherman Big Band Event Page

Best Of Dave’s Posts

If you’re a member of our Swing It Facebook group you’ll know that each week we post a pre class post to let everyone know what we’re teaching that night.  Every time we do that we include a photo of some kind.  Sometimes it’s of the teachers, sometimes it’s of a previous class…and sometimes, when you’re Dave, it’s an hilarious work of art.  For those of you that haven’t seen them I thought it was worth doing a “best of Dave”.  Read on for a collection of his best post photos.  Dave, you’re a legend.



Perth International Arts Festival – Home

I was very honoured when PIAF approached me to be the choreographer for an original piece within the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival 2016.  I was even more honoured when I learned that piece would be highlighting a significant moment in Indigenous history in Australia.

As we’re a week out from the opening I won’t give too much away but I will say what a thrill it’s been.  Working with six very talented Noongar dancers alongside members of my highly trained Swing It performance team has been extremely creatively rewarding.  All of the dancers have been pushing themselves hard in preparation for the piece.

I’m looking forward to everyone seeing it and for Swing to be highlighted so significantly in Perth.  For all the details check out the PIAF page.


Swing Fashion – Men’s Shoes

Shoes!  Oh, Man.  Shoes.  Such a glorious topic when it comes to dancing.  What sole is good?  What shoe looks good?  What is the “right” shoe?  I honestly think, when it comes to Swing, there’s no “right” shoe, there just isn’t.  There’s certainly preferred shoes and preferred soles but, in the end, it’s all about preference.  With this in mind, Fellas, I’m going to tell you all about the shoes I’ve trialled, the ones I prefer and why.


Chuck Taylor knew where it was at…sort of. (more…)

Swing Fashion – Ladies Shoes

One of the most common questions I get is, “What shoes should I wear?”  Some dances have specific shoes that must be worn but, really, Lindy Hop isn’t one of them.  Sure there’s certain kinds of shoes that a lot of people wear but we really don’t have one shoe that’s THE shoe in Swing dancing.

If there was one though, if Follow’s had one shoe that could be referred to as the “shoe of choice” it would have to be Keds.


Nothing says “Lindy Hopper” like a scuffed up, dirty pair of Keds… (more…)