Fun Stuff

Beginner Tip – Swingin’ Tunes

Often when we’re learning to dance we neglect a really important part of all of this…the music.

We’re so caught up in the footwork, the moves…leading, following, triple steps…there’s a lot to take in and we get distracted!. The thing to remember is, at the heart of all of this, is the music.


Listen to Jazz music, it’s good for you… (more…)

Beginner Tip – End Of The Line

Today I’m going to chat about a concept that’s SO important the Travelling Wilburys wrote a song about it: the end of the line.

George Harrison, right about this, wrong about the mullet… (more…)

Beginner Tip – Practice, Enjoying The Process

“Practice makes perfect” is of course a complete crock. Perfection is an elusive, frustrating ideal that often stands in the way of artistic progress and enjoyment. However “practice can lead to deeper enjoyment and also means spending more time doing what you love”, well, that’s something I can get behind.

As adults we often equate practice with homework.. Practice, like homework, is something you HAVE to do outside of class if you want to improve and it’s usually something you leave till the night before, you cram, you stress and you end up fooling no-one when it comes to crunch time. Man, I can’t think of a better way to spend your time, can you?

This, this is the face of pure happiness… (more…)

World of Floorcraft


There’s a lot of things we need to be aware of when we dance but sometimes we get SO caught up in our own experience (and obsession with technique…HOW WEIRD IS MY FRAME???) that we can forget other people on the floor.. Welcome to the start of a regular (semi-regular…regularish) feature of the site… THE WORLD OF FLOORCRAFT. (more…)

Beginner Tip – Less Is More

It’s Tuesday so, OH YEAH, it’s Beginner Tip Tuesday time.. Today the advice is simple, less is more.. This is advice that everyone should take into account throughout their whole Lindy Hop life but it’s especially helpful when you’re starting out.

In the beginning you’re learning new moves and new variations and it’s all very exciting and, of course, overwhelming.. You’re desperate to try out new things and often feel like you have to impress or not bore your dance partner on the floor.. Because of this you’re likely, as a lead, to try and lead a lot of moves and as a follow to try a lot of variations or just freak out in general about “not getting the move wrong”.


We might LOOK calm on the outside but that’s often not the case… (more…)

Beginner Tip – Hand Holds

I want to start dropping some knowledge, TRUTH BOMBS if you will.. There’s a lot to pick up when you’re starting out and sometimes you pick things up in class, sometimes you’re so scared all you hear is white noise and sometimes the weird person next to you won’t stop talking so you can’t hear what the teachers are saying.. Every Tuesday I’ll post up some basic tips to help those of you just starting out.. Today, it’s about the hand hold.

A lot of the connection in Lindy Hop is with one hand (in the open position).. The best thing to do with this connection is to make a shape with your hand and “hook” into your partner’s hand…

Look at that great hand hold…AMAZING. (more…)