Cats & The Fiddle – Killin’ Jive

Big fan of Cats and the Fiddle; they had a crazy good feel to everything they did and a very recognisable sound.  Their faster tempo songs are where it’s at and this one (Killin’ Jive) is usually faster than depicted here but I HAD to go with this clip.  It’s a live performance and there’s nothing cooler than actually seeing the band at work.  Too cool.

Charlier Barnet – Cement Mixer

I’ve been playing the hell out of this lately; it’s just so damn good and goofy as hell at the same time.  Instrumentally fantastic to dance to but playful and full of quirky character at the same time.

Willie Bryant & His Orchestra – A Viper’s Moan

Man, this is one sweet song.  I love the charming “chug” as it rolls forward, I love the vocal interjections and I love the overall laid back feel of this number.  Effortlessly playful and a dream to dance to.  Turn it up and chill as you listen to the sounds of 1935.

Lucky Millinder – Mason Flyer

MAN is this a swingin’ song.  I love it, it just builds and builds and makes you lose your mind over how cool it is.  Or maybe that’s just me, I’m really into this stuff.  Lucky Millinder’s orchestra was extremely popular back in the day and even had a stint at the Savoy Ballroom.  It’s cool to note that he couldn’t read music and didn’t play an instrument; luckily he knew how to put on a show and managed to take his band to great heights.

Count Basie – One O’Clock Jump

I went through a big stage (I say big but maybe it was only around six months) where I’d just go nuts when this song was played.  If this was on it was an absolute guarantee I was on the floor and LOVING IT.  The musicality is inspiring but, Man, any song that has a moment in it that’s just begging for Swing Outs?  Yeah, I’m there.

Added bonus in this clip: Joe Jones on drums with that badass smile of his.

Benny Goodman – All The Cats Join In

There’s a lot to love in Benny Goodman’s repertoire but this one has always stood out to me.  Partly because I’d heard it a lot when I was new to Lindy Hop and partly because I’d remembered it from the Disney cartoon clip (I’d seen it on a Sunday night Disney show; one of the better ones where they played cartoons rather than a “Puma’s journey through the wilderness”).  The first clip is the straight instrumental.  The second is the clip from Disney.  Enjoy!