Chick Webb – Who Ya Hunchin’

A powerful, driving song from Chick Webb; I love it.  Chick’s band was the house band at the Savoy Ballroom (the “birthplace of Lindy Hop”) and played a big part in the history of our dance.  Try not to be too mesmerised by the terrible graphic.

Ella Fitzgerald – Smooth Sailing

And all time favourite of mine.  This song has such a cool and smooth feel to it and it’s a pleasure to dance to.  I had a wonderful conversation with Frankie Manning about this song; he loved it for its swingin’ feel and made a point to play it in a lot of his classes.

Count Basie – Corner Pocket

I don’t like to play favourites but if I did have a favourite Swing song, and I’m not saying I do but IF I did…it would be this one.  Basie’s in fine form, the song is brimming with inspirational musicality to play with on the dance floor and it’s just a damn cool tune.  Click on over to the 3:47 mark.