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Learn The Stew

It’s time to learn the vintage solo routine, The Stew!
The Stew (often called “Mama’s Stew”) is a vintage choreography famously used by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers to warm up before practicing routines.
This routine got its nickname after Louise “Mama Lou” Parks, a former hostess of the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem who helped preserve and teach the dances of the swing era (especially during the revival in the 80’s)
The Stew will be taught over two weeks and is open to all levels (no experience necessary). Venture down and dive into the roots of our amazing dance and also learn some new, old-school skills!
When: Thursday 26th October and Thursday 2nd November
Where: Subiaco Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: $15 per class or a star off your star-card

Solo Charleston Series

It’s time to get all 1920s as we kick off a two part Solo Charleston series!

Solo Charlston was all the rage in the 20s and, as you know, Charleston gave birth to Lindy Hop and is still such an influence on the dance. So this is the perfect chance to get into the roots of our amazing dance and also learn some new, old school skills!

This is a two part series and is open to all levels (no experience necessary). Also, we encourage you to do both classes but you don’t need to have done the first if you can only make it to the second.

When: Thursday 28th September and Thursday 5th October
Where: Subiaco Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Time: 8.30
Cost: $15 per class

Swing It Featured on Today Tonight

After having the Today Tonight crew come and hang out with us at our Swing dance classes it was a real treat to finally see the story go to air.  We couldn’t be more happy with it.  They did a great job of showing the fun energy of the classes and capturing just why this dance of ours is so addictive!

Check out the video and see for yourself…

Two of our fantastic dancers were featured.  Bec, who’s one of our teaching team and is a fantastic dancer, and Allan, one of the friendliest and most committed dancers in our scene.  Today Tonight did a great job of capturing the varying age groups and passion that our students have for our classes and dance.

A very big thank you to Today Tonight and to Cassie Silver in particular for such a great job.

Swing It On Today Tonight This Evening

Check out Channel 7 at 6.30pm tonight and see Swing It feature on Today Tonight!  The Today Tonight crew came down to our Tuesday night Swing dance classes and gave it a go, they also interviewed a few of us about Swing dance in Perth.  We’re looking forward to seeing how it looks!

Swing It Performs At PIAF 2017

Swing It returned to PIAF this year with two nights of performing with the Evan Sherman Big Band.  During the performance Shane & Ruth were asked up on stage to dance alongside the band…

PLJ Lindy Hopper’s Sports Carnival

The PLJ Lindy Hoppers Sports Day Carnival is gonna rock your knee high socks off!

Don your sports sweats, grab a refreshment at The Canteen, get your fill of Red Frogs and prepare to swing out until your hearts content to some of Perth’s best DJ’s. There will be FUN! Hilarious comps with PRIZES and a darn fine sporty time for all!

ALHC (the Australian Lindy Hop Championships) is taking a hiatus until 2018, but that won’t stop this year’s PLJ Saturday night social bringing out your competitive side.

It is the perfect opportunity to social dance with our incredible international guests Remy Kouakou Kouame and Moe Sakan too.

DRESS: Something Sporty

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall

WHEN: 8pm – 11.30pm, Saturday 11th March

COST: $15 or FREE with a Full Pass