Learn The Stew

It’s time to learn the vintage solo routine, The Stew!
The Stew (often called “Mama’s Stew”) is a vintage choreography famously used by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers to warm up before practicing routines.
This routine got its nickname after Louise “Mama Lou” Parks, a former hostess of the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem who helped preserve and teach the dances of the swing era (especially during the revival in the 80’s)
The Stew will be taught over two weeks and is open to all levels (no experience necessary). Venture down and dive into the roots of our amazing dance and also learn some new, old-school skills!
When: Thursday 26th October and Thursday 2nd November
Where: Subiaco Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: $15 per class or a star off your star-card