Solo Performance Series

If you’ve ever been excited about the idea of performing a dance routine in front of a cheering crowd, well, now is your time…

Dave’s next Solo series is all about performing. You’ll learn some fun, original choreography and then you’ll be able to perform it for a cheering crowd at the February 17th Rhythm Lounge!

During the series Dave will teach you how to perform using different types of movement, character development and, of course, team work. Dave will be sharing his knowledge as a Solo dancer but also as one of the longest serving members of the performance team Savoy Stomp (of which Dave is now one of the coaches). Dave has performed in front of an audience of 50,000 people so…he’s got some skills to share.

Come and join in on what will be a super fun Solo Jazz series and just know, you don’t have to perform at the Rhythm Lounge if you don’t want to, there’s absolutely no pressure and you can simply do the classes for yourself. Just think though…cheering crowds!

Open to all levels (no experience necessary).

When: Thursday 8th & 15th Feb  8:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Subiaco Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Time: 8.30
Cost: $15 per class