Weekly Solo Jazz Classes

Solo Jazz 

Swing It! Mosman Park is home to our Thursday night Jazz Jam classes.  These classes are Solo Jazz classes (not our usual partnered Lindy Hop classes) and are open to all levels!  If you’re looking to learn something new and build up a sweat in a new and fun way, check them out!

What is Solo Jazz?  Solo Jazz is a form of solo dancing (no partner) from the 20s, 30s and 40s and covers things from 20s Charleston to Authentic 30s Jazz steps and more.  Solo Jazz can be slower and chilled out or faster and more energetic, it covers a wide range.

7.00pm Authentic Jazz (no experience required) – Never done Solo Jazz before?  This is where you start.  Authentic Jazz will cover the classic Jazz steps of the Swing era. Here you’ll learn a solid vocabulary of Jazz moves for you to practice and improve. This class is perfect for anyone with no Solo Jazz experience but is also a must for anyone of any level wanting to learn the classic, vintage steps of the era.

8.00pm Jazz Jam – Jazz Jam is where we mix it up a little. Fun routines that challenge a little more than Level 1 and work on teaching you to move your body well and be comfortable with new rhythms and steps!  All levels are welcome to join in!

Class Costs

$15 per class
$25 if you do two classes in the night
$60 for a Star Card which gives you 5 classes ($12 a class)
Star Cards can be purchased at any of our venues

Solo Jazz classes take place weekly at our Mosman Park venue on Thursday nights.



How much are classes?

Weekly classes can be paid for in two different ways: If you prefer to drop in and pay per class, it’s $15. If you’d prefer to save a little money we recommend our Star Cards; the Star Cards give you 5 classes for $60 (a saving of $15).

Is Level 1 a course?  Do I need to come each week?

The Level 1 Authentic Jazz classes are drop in classes, no courses.  You can start whenever you like.

Do I need to book?

Not at all, you can simply turn up to your first class.

Do I need a partner?

Unlike our other venues, Mosman Park is a Solo Jazz venue so you won’t be dancing with a partner.

I’ve done dancing before, can I skip Level 1?

If you’re experienced in solo dance or would like a challenge you’re welcome to start in our Level 2 Jazz Jam classes.  However we recommend attending the Authentic Jazz classes to learn the classic vintage steps.

How long do I stay in Level 1?

As long as you like.  On your first night you’re welcome to do both classes!

What should I bring?

Drink bottle, casual clothes, flat soled shoes…smile.

Note: Solo Jazz classes are open to all ages.