A Big Weekend Of Swing!

This weekend (26th/27th May) is going to be a doozy for Swing It!  We’ve got two nights of dancing plus two great specialty classes planned.  Read on for more…


On May 26th we’ll be celebrating the birthday of the late, great Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning had a massive impact on Lindy Hop all the way from the early days in the 30s right up to only a few years ago before he passed. Frankie’s energy and spirit infused the dance and inspired thousands of dancers over the decades.

In honour of Frankie we’ll be holding an evening of clips and dancing. We’ll watch some of the classics staring Frankie, we’ll see a brief interview with Frankie about his experience creating the first air step and we’ll also take a look some modern clips staring the dancers he inspired.

Join us for a great night of Lindy Hop, DJed music and a celebration of a great man.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, 26 View St North Perth

WHEN: 7.30pm – 11.00pm, Saturday 26th May

COST: $10


Want to learn how to dance fast? Want to be challenged and feel the need for speed?

Ruth and Shane will be teaching a Speed Lindy workshop to give you the tips and advice you’ll need to tackle the faster tempos! You will sweat, you will be challenged, you will have a whole lot of fun!

This class is open to all Lindy levels (except for beginners obviously) however it will be challenging! If you have some experience under your belt, give it a shot.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, 26 View Street, North Perth

WHEN: 1.00pm – 2.20pm, Sunday 27th May

COST: $20


You asked for it so here it is. Part 2 of our super fun Back Charleston variation class! We’ll be delivering all new variations and seeing if we can’t crack 10 this time.

The workshop will cover as many Back Charleston variations as possible and guarantee you never run out of material on the social dance floor!

This workshop is open to all levels but requires a knowledge of the Back Charleston basic.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, 26 View Street, North Perth

WHEN: 2.40pm – 4.00pm, Sunday 27th May

COST: $20