ADAM HALL CONCERT – Free Outdoor Event

Just a reminder that the Adam Hall gig is on today in Maylands!

Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys will be playing a wonderful outdoor concert in Maylands next month.  Also on the bill will be the Sue Bluck Quintet.

Swing It will be teaching a free class at the event and will be dancing the whole time.  We’d like to invite everyone to join us on the grass.  Bring your blankets and food and we’ll have a lovely evening hanging out and listening to Jazz.  And, hey, if you happen to have a Swing It t-shirt, feel free to wear it on the day to help let people know who we are 🙂

WHERE: Maylands Peninsula Golf Course, Swanbank Rd, Maylands

WHEN:  Sunday,  23rd November, 7pm – 9.30pm