ALHC 2016

The first ever Australian Lindy Hop Championship was a huge success.  The evening was a blast, the competitors were inspiring and we’ve got some fantastic photos to show you!


ALHC_5511 ALHC_5532 ALHC_5549 ALHC_5569 ALHC_5612 ALHC_5620 ALHC_5763 ALHC_5885 ALHC_5928 ALHC_5975 ALHC_6055 ALHC_6066 ALHC_6106 ALHC_6118 ALHC_6183 ALHC_6208 ALHC_6246 ALHC_6286 ALHC_6327 ALHC_6416 ALHC_6456 ALHC_6465 ALHC_6528 ALHC_6572 ALHC_6600 ALHC_6653 ALHC_6721 ALHC_6828 ALHC_6887 ALHC_6910 ALHC_7004 ALHC_7048 ALHC_7094