Beginner Course/Workshop Changes

Swing It! is about to completely overhaul our approach to Beginner classes!. There will be a new look weekly Lindy 1 class and now a brand new Beginner Workshop offered instead of our regular courses.. Read on for full details…

For some time now I’ve been looking for a way to make the transition from Beginners (previously Lindy 1) to Intermediate (Lindy 2) easier for people.. The jump from one to the other has always been tough and often results in people leaving due to being too overwhelmed with the sudden increase in difficulty.. What Swing It! will now be offering is something that will make the transition a smooth and enjoyable one and will also give new comers a better understanding of the dance and culture we have in Lindy Hop.

Here’s the new look structure:

Beginner Workshops – These will run monthly on a Sunday afternoon and will cover all the basics of Lindy Hop.. We’ll also show vintage dance clips as well as clips that feature the top modern dancers in the world.. Once you’ve done a Beginner Workshop you can then move to Lindy 1 at any of our venues.

Lindy 1 – This is the Improvers class.. Here you’ll learn basic styling and variations and the essential moves that will take you up to Lindy 2.. Lindy 1 will now be a weekly drop in class like Lindy 2 and 3.

Lindy 2 and 3 – These will remain as normal.

We look forward to seeing how this new, beginner friendly approach is received.