Case of the Missing Class Reviews…

Also entitled, “Viruses are bad, bad things.”

Many apologies for the lack of class reviews last week, especially considering how much energy everyone poured into those classes and the extra special photos we took to prove it. Sadly I was brought low by a lethal case of a disease doctors told me they’d “never seen the likes of before”. In fact one of them ran screaming from the room after he saw the nasty thing under a microscope; I was later informed he’s now living in Tonga as a monk. Luckily, through sheer force of will, I fought back and managed to beat the disease (without the aid of the ex navy seal, special forces medical unit they’d had flown in for me). This is of course all true and any reports you may hear of me “crying like a baby” or “whining constantly” about my “upset tummy” are all lies to steer you from the shining truth.

Anway. Here are the spectacular Lindy 2 students from Mt Lawley AND Vic Park:

See you all very soon!