Review: 20th February

dance class perth swing

We got off to a great start last night with our, slightly rowdy and mildly cheeky, Lindy 1 class. We’re halfway through already and it was a night of ‘man arm’ for all.

We followed that up with Lindy 2 and a man cap Back Charleston class. The variation was a wild one, again inspired by the vintage clip evening, but everyone threw themselves into it with the trademark Swing It lunacy. Hats off to Greg and Therese for making great improvements and to Leisa for her ‘no bull’ approach to following!

We ended the night on a high as we taught our Solo Jazz Class (aka The Destroyer Of Brains). Three teachers, three routines and a BILLION jazz steps! It was great to see so many people giving it everything they had…even the guys who were convinced they had no hips.

NEXT WEEK: Hanna & Mattias!