Review: 4th June

We had a lot of new faces in Manning this week as we started our new course series not to mention one of our biggest turn outs at the Mt Henry Tavern!

A fresh batch of beginners and, clearly, a lot of you are spreading the word!  It’s great to see so many people introduced to Lindy Hop through “a friend” since it means that a lot of you just want to share this dance as much as we do.

Lindy 2 got off to a GREAT start and also saw the return of the ‘Two Mikes’.  How much Mike do we have?  More than you can handle!  Also a big thank you to all the Lindy 2 guys that helped us out in Lindy 1 (Tony, Thanh, Gordon, Gary…), we couldn’t do it without you!

We then capped it all off with what some would call an ‘invasion’ of the Mt Henry.  I don’t want to bandy the word ‘horde’ around willy nilly but, well, there you have it.  I was also impressed to see some students from our other locations dropping in on the fun (it might have just been the promise of free food).

See you there next week!