Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

A cold, tempetuous September evening isn’t really good for a lot… But it’s perfect for hiding out inside and doing some crazy Lindy hopping. Let it be known, the rain cannot stop Mt Lawley class!

Safe from the rain, everyone warmed up with some awesome circles, spins, Charlestons and swing out tricks. For the rest of the night, we took a leaf from Shane’s book (for 8-year-olds) and discussed toy metaphors, including galloping like My Little Ponies, Cindy’s He-Man and those awesome wind dancer dolls. It might seem a little random, but it sure helps you spin! Ask the Lindy 2s, they can show you… Just like the Lindy 1s can show you how to astonish Jarrad and I, by getting through all the class material with TEN MINUTES TO SPARE!