Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

swing it lindy hop dance class mt lawley perth

You can never avoid this age old debate for long: Who make better drivers, men or women?
Judging by the results of our crazy obstacle course challenge on Tuesday night, it looks like the ladies have it! Either that or men make better cars than women… (also very possible!) Either way, being in control seems to make people, especially Deb, feel pretty good and the good mood continued right through our the night.
Continuing with the car theme, the Lindy 1s have only one class left until they get off their Lindy hop L plates, and they’re great! They practice before class, they ask awesome questions and smile a lot. Yes, we think they can dance!

Also, big happy birthday wishes to Jarrad who turned 24 yesterday! That’s him in the photo above, musing about his old age.

– Lexi