Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

Tuesday was a day that I will never forget, due to a momentous and groundbreaking event that occurred… We were beaten to class by our Lindy 1s! Admittedly, Jarrad and I were pushing it for time a little, but with our location being notoriously hard to find, we were shocked and awed to have students there so early. From that moment, I knew we had a great new group of dancers, and they did not disappoint! A fun, friendly and jam-packed (both in terms of the class content and the room) class ensued.

We turned up the heat a little on our Lindy 2s and got into technique after last week’s fast-paced class (where, as Jarrad would say, we threw it at you to see what stuck). We polished off some smooth moves and then we added the cherry: a little something with some serious “wow!” factor. You all looked fantastic but snaps this week have to go to Greg, whose new-and-improved swing outs were fantastic, and Karen and Clare for moving up from Lindy 1. Well done!

Come on down to Lindy 2 next week for our “Wow!”-worthy Endings Class, also known as “How To Make Your Follow Forget That You Just Had a Terrible Dance By Throwing Something Mindblowing On The End”.

– Lexi

PS. There’s an awesome photo of our awesome students coming awesome soon, but not yet because Jarrad’s camera phone is decidedly unawesome. Note to Jarrad: get new camera!