Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

Swing outs and swivels and Jimmie Lunceford’s big band,
Charlestons with “buzzsaws” or done hand-to-hand,
Anything at all related to swing,
These are a few of our favourite things.

Big apples with jazz steps like spankin’ the baby,
Suzi Qs and boogie backs and some rusty dusty,
Let’s boogie forward, now pose, pecking!
These are a few of our favourite things.

We finished our first great year at Mt Lawley with an Oprah-esque Favourite Things class… which would have gone down a lot better if anyone in class watched Oprah! We revisited some of our favourite moves from the year, and threw in some new ones to one of our favourite songs. From our crazy Big Apple warm up right through to our class routine battle, the energy was pumping and it was class consensus that Jarrad and I killed them. That was the point. Well done to everyone for pushing through to the end, we are both so proud of you all and the progress you’ve made this year.

Our Lindy 1 class graduated with flying colours, congratulations! But not only are they now certified to dance, but they brought their own celebratory cakes. Thanks, Leisa, for providing us with snacks and helping us in our pursuit of stealing “The Bakery” title away from Swing It! Subiaco. Look out, Subi, Mt Lawley has baked goods too.

We hope to see you all on the 8th of January 2008 at our wonderful NEW hall at the NEW times! Matt suggested we call our first ever class “Baby Steps” and who knows, we may do just that. Goodbye 2007, thanks everyone for making it such a great year!

– Lexi