Review: 3rd June

swing it mt lawley class lindy hop perth dance

This week’s classes in a word?  I’m going with a little bit “frenetic”.  A full house, lots of action, and a whole lot of fun!

It was our second week of “Cool Moves You’re Not Doing” and we put together a whole bunch of sweet and smooth moves for our Lindy 2s.  The names of the moves – not so cool, “Stompy Thing”, “Shane’s Favourite” and “Barrel Roll”.  Okay, the last one’s a good name, but we should really be more inventive.  Anna and Nathan are our stars for nailing the Stompy Thing, and Justin did a great job too!

Our Lindy 1s win the award for Best Question Askers Ever.  We’ll have you out on the floor before you know it, guys!

– Lexi