Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

(This week the part of Shane was played by a better looking, much taller man named Wes.)

Graduation week! The first course for Swing It’s newest school has finally come to an end and is now proud to have its very own graduating Lindy Hoppers! And I wasn’t there…which is actually quite sad.

HOWEVER, as was the case with Subiaco, all reports have come back glowing! Sharon and Wes took charge and drove that great train home (I don’t know where “train” came from but it sounds impressive) and had everyone enjoying themselves as they finished off their first course (now it sounds like a meal).

A very big thank you to Wesley for stepping in at the last minute and proving why he’s one of the most respected dancers in the scene; and an even bigger thank you to Sharon for taking charge of the class at such late and surprise notice.

See everyone next week for Week 1!!