Class Reviews: Subiaco!


1) Stay in front of the heater with a warm drink: Sociable Factor 4/10 (Guests may arrive with cookies)
2) A nice warm bubble bath: Sociable Factor 2/10 (No guests. Unless you’re lucky, or in a horror film.)
3) Setting yourself alight: Sociable Factor 0/10 (Morbid crowds don’t count)
4) First manned flight to the Sun: Sociable Factor -1/10 (It hasn’t been done before so you’ll be sharing the cockpit with a monkey and a plant…and the monkey doesn’t like you.)
5) Dancing with your friends to great music: Sociable Factor 10/10 (And you even get to show of those new winter clothes…or old, but people forget)

Great to see everyone out during a delightfully cold evening! I know we challenged you all with our Swing Out class but it was definitely worth it. Nice, smooth looking Swing Outs with some really great styling! Expensive China provided…

Also it’s fantastic to see our old friend Wil Manning crawling out of the woodwork and returning to the scene after such a long absence. It hasn’t been the same without you, Mate!