Class Reviews: Subiaco!

Shim Sham dance class Swing it Subiaco Perth

The Shim Sham went down a real treat last night with a packed room and packed brains (Jazz steps are fun!). I was really impressed with the learning curve and one can only assume enthusiasm played a HUGE part. Of course getting the order of the moves messed up didn’t help anyone much but, hey, I’m not generally known for my smarts. Speaking of the order of the moves, head on over to the SPECIAL EVENTS page; there, at the bottom, you’ll see a full list of the Shim Sham to help you practice at home! The song we used was Erskine Hawkins’ Tuxedo Junction.

Hope to see you all there on Wednesday as we teach the Shim Sham for a second time followed by our Slow Dancing class!


Shim Sham dance class Swing It Subiaco Perth