Class Reviews: Subiaco!

swing dance class subiaco perth

It sure is great to be back! The night got off to an incredible start at Subiaco, why? One word – CAKE! It wasn’t just free Marshmallows, oh no, there were baked goods!

Lindy 2, you were brilliant. It’s a real treat doing a Swing Out class only to find that everyone looked pretty darned awesome to begin with. The variations went over really well and just added to the already shining Swing Outs. And Jeff? Got to town on that sweep, Mate, it’s all yours!

Lindy 1, what can I say? Brilliant! By the end of the class you were all leading and following with ease but, more importantly, I saw an abundance of smiles. Kind of creepy how this dance is so much fun isn’t it?

It was also Ruth’s Birthday! She was extra shy about it so we didn’t make a big deal…however make sure you grab her for a dance this weekend (which is pretty much just giving yourself a big old present isn’t it?).

See you on the floor!