Class Reviews: Subiaco!

swing it lindy hop dance class subiaco perth

I hear the term ‘smorgasbord’ bandied about often, not always in a way that’s at all relevant, however I feel pretty confident, nay, very confident in using said term to describe the Lindy Hopping festivities that ensued last night! We kicked the night off with some eyes closed mayhem, followed by a ‘driving’ course akin to something you’d see Jeremy Clarkson pontificating about before we finished up with a whole lot of kicking in the air! Well done to Frank and Mike for really standing out, for Nash and Isabelle for leading the way and for Dot for her meticulous driving skills.

A HUGE congratulations goes out to our Lindy 1s for graduating last night! We polished, revised, retooled and had everyone looking their best by the end of the night. Another special thank you to Isabelle for her outstanding efforts in supplying the Lindy 1s with their Graduation Cupcakes (it actually had Well Done Lindy 1 written on them!).

Smorgasbord? Darn straight.