Class Reviews: Subiaco!

swing dance class

You know you’re in for a good night when the first question of the evening is, “Can we have the fans on?” Yes, yes you can.

It was fast and action packed last night in Subiaco as we tested out some involved variations. I’m tempted to say “tricky” but then that would, I feel at least partially, imply that they were somewhat difficult, which they weren’t. They were however filled with an abundance of Lindy with a dash of Hop to bring out the best our Lindy 2’s Back Charlestons could be.

Special tip of the hat goes to Ash for staying back at the Stomp to perfect his Back Charlestons and to Michael for that OUTSTANDING dance with Karoline nearing the end of the night; girls, keep your eyes on Mike!!

And of course yet another special thanks to Isabelle for her spontaneous cake delivery. I’m starting to wonder if she’s fattening us all up deliberately!