Class Reviews: Subiaco!

We had another thoroughly enjoyable Monday of swing dancing; one exceptionally well lit at the onset due to recent Daylight Savings shenanigans. A lot of pushing and shoving, leaning and bouncing was going on in an attempt to master the “Sugar Push”; an ancient move known for it’s difficulty to master and soft, creamy center. By the end of it all we were utterly confident that everyone had a good understanding of the complexities – regardless of Matt’s refusal to accept my “carrying the serving tray” analogy (or MANalogy as I like to call them).

The Stomp was another sensational night of dancing (and sliding as it would seem). Directly after class I popped into the kitchen for a hot chocolate, some marshmallows and a lengthy discussion with Nash and Isabelle on the slipping grip society has on grammar (not all Lindy Hop here!); imagine my shock upon returning to the room, previously occupied by 5 people and a leaf, to find it well and truly PACKED with dancers from all of our schools! Snobby English language discussions and a night of great dances…who could ask for more?!