Class Reviews: Subiaco!

lindy hop classes perth

Another great Monday night at Subiaco.

The Lindy 1s graduated with flying colours and experienced the unmitigated joy (terror?) of free wheeling social dancing. Well done to everyone that took part and we hope to see you next week for the next course!

The Lindy 2s did exceptionally well with the tricky Back Charleston variations we threw their way. I’m so incredibly impressed with this class right now; you’re all doing so well! Special mention needs to made of Ben’s ‘Crazy Eye’ leading techniques and of the special appearance of Shane – Ninja! (NOTE: the leap out of the back stairwell was much higher than I thought).

Remember, no Lindy 2 next week due to the Really Big Deal (it was just too big). Instead there will be a live band social night!


lindy hop classes perth