Review: 19th May

perth swing classes

The final week of both our Lindy 1 and Lindy 2 courses made for an action packed night!  Speed was the order of the evening as we explored the more dynamic side of Lindy Hop!

A big congratulations goes out to all of our graduating Lindy 1s.  Ruth and I were absolutely amazed at your Swing Outs.  I know we said it on the night but by goodness it demands repeating!  We’re hoping to see you all next week for our next Lindy 2 course.

Lindy 2s, well, we hope you have a real taste for the speed of Lindy Hop now.  We sure put you through your paces and you should be proud to say you danced it up to ‘Woodside’.  You’re all fully trained now so there’s no more excuses about the ‘fast songs’ at the Mustang Bar.  Next week: The Coolest Moves You Aren’t Doing!

Lindy 3, thank you for partaking in the first part of our ‘Herrang’ series.  We certainly mixed it up and tested those brain cells of yours.  It seemed we might have burnt out a few circuits but we were really happy with how well everyone did with such a challenging concept!

Special thanks to Isabelle and Amanda for bringing back the baked treats from the ‘old days’.  I’m certainly not complaing…although Ben was after eating FAR too many of Amanda’s Brownies; serves you right, Ben!

I’m looking forward to more Subiaco craziness next week!