Review: 2nd June

Week 2 of Beginners, Week 2 of ‘The Coolest Moves You Aren’t Doing’.  How did we fare?  Excellent!

Often the vibe can be quite different when classes run on a public holiday.  Either people don’t come to class (often due to having ‘settled in’ on the couch by around 3pm) or they might turn up back lack that certain energy we generally find week in week out.  Well, this week was certainly different.  The room was pumping, the energy was high and the moves, according to Nash, were ‘smooth’.

A special shout out goes to our Lindy 2 guys that helped out in Lindy 1.  It’s great to see the more experienced dancers looking to encourage our new students!

Also a special mention to Lynn and Isabelle who took part in their first Lindy 3 class.  Well done!