Class Reviews: Subiaco!

Another Monday night of mayhem and madness…well, not so much mayhem but certainly some madness.

It was valley of the men as we kicked off into Lindy 2.  Where did all the follows go?  Are you allergic to good looking, talented leads?  Is that it?  Hmmm.  As it was we had the guys experiencing some following due to the extra numbers which I’m sure opened their eyes to a whole new world of understanding the other half.

Beginners took off into the second course for the new school and once again we were graced with an energetic and fun class…most significant of which was Mark, the world’s most smilingest man.  Well done to everyone that rocked up or stayed back for the Stomp too!  The music is always great (yay Trev) and the atmosphere is perfect for late night dancing!

See you all soon.