Class Reviews: Subiaco!

Ruth and I had a sensational night this week at Subiaco.  The energy was high and we had an absolute blast watching the Lindy 2s busting out their Jazz moves at fast speeds!  It was also great to see old friends Alex and Jenny getting back into the Lindy groove after some time away.  And you know what?  We got our girls back!  Whoo hoo!

Also, I know we made a point of it in class, but hats off to all the guys in Lindy 1!  Brilliant styling happening there.  You’re all really starting to look like Lindy Hoppers and it’s only week 2!

Need I mention how great the Stomp was?  Yes, yes I do.  It was great!  It may seem a little selfish but I’m really loving having a whole night dedicated to great, original Swing music!

See you next week!