Class Reviews: Subiaco! The Return of the Hutch!

Guest teachers, Trevor “Hutch” Hutchison and Lexi Rollins, paid a visit to Swing It! Subiaco this Monday night to reveal the long awaited “5 Moves You Need To Know”!
What they were is a secret, but they do have the power to put smiles on faces and make people look extraordinarily slick. If you missed the class, they have now become “5 Moves You Don’t Know”. The class was packed with people eager to learn and learn they did! Thanks for coming guys (and for putting up with us making everything uncomfortable by talking too much about bums)!

Props go to the Hutch who not only shared with us all from his stack of awesome moves, and played some sweet tunes for another busy Subi Stomp but is always fun and generally well-dressed!

– Lexi