Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

A jam packed evening. Jam PACKED I tell you!

Congratulations to our graduating Lindy 1 class. You guys were brilliant; so much so we had some of our advanced students comment on how amazed they were with how great you looked after only 4 weeks! Lindy 2, yes, yes we know you hate us now for putting you through Fly Throughs again and again and again and again. But, hey, you’ll love us for it…once you get your breath back.

However the real star of the night was the Slow Drag class! Such a wonderful turn out and such an AMAZING difference in everyone’s dancing from the start of class to the finish. In the end everyone looked SO good gliding around the floor (or skating, right?). Honestly, we didn’t stop talking after class about the incredible progress everyone made.

See everyone at Pirates on Sunday! Be there or be…somewhere else not as fun.

–Capt’n Mac (Aaargh)