Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Swing dancers doing aerials!  Swing It Perth

New beginners! New moves! New aerials! Good times all round last night at Swing It! Victoria Park.

It was great seeing the tempos really pick up in Lindy 2. For some of you this was your first time dancing to the upper level speeds and you did exceptionally well!! A big round of applause to all the Lindy 2s that came down too…apparently the rest of our regular class find a little rain to be off putting.

Thank you to everyone that too part in our aerial series. Everyone did so well, looked after each other and did it all at a great, steady pace. Last night I was really impressed with the spotting, that’s some of the best spotting I’ve ever seen in an aerial class anywhere (special mention goes out to Jack). If you want to practice and you’d like some tips just head on down to the Stomp on Monday night!


Swing dance aerials.  Swing It Victoria Park Perth