Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Swing it Lindy 3 swing dance class

Well it was my last night teaching for a while and I couldn’t have had a better way of ending it. Lindy 1, congratulations on your graduation! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re now part of a huge world of dancing and craziness and we hope that you decide to continue being a part of our Lindy family! Lindy 2, awesome energy and a mammoth effort on everyone’s part (although I think Catherine looked as though she’d had a little too much red cordial).

Finally Lindy 3, wow. Ruth and I were over the moon with the turn out AND the amount you all put into this class. I believe Perth has a great reputation for the playfulness and creativity of their follows and we hope this class has gone a long way to encourage more of it! Well done to everyone!

See you all in a month or so!


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