Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Another great night of Swing as we also stepped even further back in time with the specialty Breakaway class!

Lindy 1

Week 2 of Beginners saw the inclusion of a whole new rhythm and a whole new move.  We were really impressed with how well you guys picked up the Lindy Circle.  This means we’re looking forward to teaching the Swing Out next week even more than usual!  Practice those rhythms in preparation for next week!

Lindy 2

Sugar Pushes!  It’s a VERY difficult move to master when first introduced to it but when you get it, you really get it.  Remember to really lean in and build that connection, without it you’re lost.  Keep your frame and practice, practice, practice!  I’m looking forward to seeing those kickball changes on the floor too.

Specialty Class: Breakaway

Jojo and I had an absolute BLAST teaching this class.  It’s such a different body position and stylistic approach that we expected everyone to have some difficulty breaking old habits but we were happy to see people doing so well by the end of the class.  It’s definitely something that when you get it, you’ve nailed it, and when you don’t it feels terrible.  We’re hoping everyone practices this and brings it out on the dance floor!  Sadly we couldn’t get all the way to teaching the Harlem Breakaway but perhaps if there’s a demand for it we’ll be able to do another one of these classes!