Class Reviews: Victoria Park 25/7

Swing Dancing Victoria Park

Hi swing fans!.€“ Trevor here filling in for Shane as he’s off dancing up a storm in the US.

I just wanted to send out a big welcome to our new beginners! We hope you’ve been practicing your charleston steps and the 6-count basic! (You know that there’s a test coming up, right? – ok, not really, but practice is your new best friend!). This week we’ll be going over what we learned and adding some fun new stuff that will get us swinging in no time.

Thanks to everybody who came down for the Lindy 2 and 3 classes – it was great to have such a good turnout for my first classes with Ruth! Lindy 2s experienced the joy of a turn out from side-by-side charleston and the pesky quickstop – both dynamic moves that really test your technique! Lindy 3s were sent to boot camp with a fast old-skool routine based on the Stops routine originally performed back in the day in Harlem. Awesome fun and great to have a group bust it out at the Mustang last friday. Speaking of busting it out at the Mustang – Legend of the Week goes to Ben for his big jam session debut. Well done mate!

See you all again this week – it’ll be less frenetic, I promise!