Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Finally I’m back! Sadly I was half asleep and couldn’t hear to save my life (a bad case of Jet Head from having just returned from Melbourne). I didn’t realise I couldn’t hear properly until Ruth politely informed me the stereo was just a tad loud; which was good considering I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make it go any louder – Answer: Because it couldn’t.

Classes were an absolute hoot and it was great to be home again and teaching. Most of the fun was to be had in Lindy 2 as it was suddenly a “By Request” evening as Jeff took charge and demanded something he’d been wanting to learn for some time…who are we to argue with Big Jeff?!

More Back Charleston mayhem next week for Lindy 2 (unless Jeff says otherwise) and perhaps another, fleeting guest appearance by Hock.

See you then!