Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Ever had your car detailed? Then you know the feeling of getting your car back all shiny, sparkling and smelling oh so clean (did you know you can actually buy “New Car Smell” in a can? That’s all well and good but where’s “Freshly cut lawns” and “Rain on pavement”? Anyway…). Well last night in Vic Park is was time for a hardcore detailing job on the Swing Out! Bit of polish here, bit of buffing there…perhaps the occasional major body work and panel beating. Either way the end result was some absolutely sensational Swing Outs with some new variations thrown in for good measure!

After all this we promptly twisted the Lindy 3 class into knots and gave the girls some much needed revenge on the guys (cue evil laugh).

Next week, more car analogies and odd sounding fragrances!