Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

We changed gears on several occasions tonight with some new beginners, a slow styling class and then some action packed partner Charleston!

Lindy 1

Welcome to all of the new beginners! We kicked off another Introductory Course with some energetic and enthusiastic students. We hope you all had a fun time as you took your first steps into the Lindy Hop world and, if you did, there’s a lot more to come! Practice your footwork and basic rhythms in preparation for next week but don’t stress too much, we’ll be recapping the first class as a refresher at the start of class.

Lindy 2

Slow styling was on the menu for Lindy 2 and BOY did the follows look amazing by the end of the class. Whilst Lindy Hop is a fast and crazy dance that’s not the only thing we do; there’s plenty of fun to be had to those slower tunes and a different way of moving is in order. Remember to take your time and stretch it all out, concentrate on those smooth transitions and Leads? Use your body more. Ruth and I were more than happy with tonight’s class you were all looking so good!

Specialty Class: Partner Charleston

The first in our two part Specialty Class series got off to a roaring start. This class focused on the partnered version of the 20s Charleston and we looked at ways for you to get from your Lindy Hop into Charleston as well as simply busting out a whole song in the classic style. The Charleston is very much about emphasising your styling beyond what we’re used to in Lindy Hop so get out there and ham it up! Jojo and I will be back next week at the same time to bring you the Breakaway class, you’re gonna love it!