Shim Sham NP

I recently ran a Shim Sham class and, due to an abundance of requests, I’ll be running it again! If you requested a refresher or if you want to learn it for the first time then join in.


This is your chance to learn the most popular of the Swing routines. Shane will be teaching the ‘Basic’ Shim Sham (the one most people do) and also the ‘Traditional’ Shim Sham (replacing classic flourishes that were removed from the original. If you know the Basic, it’s time to learn the Traditional!)

The Shim Sham is the most famous of all of the Swing line dances and is a fantastic way to improve your timing, syncopation and to learn a bevy of classic Jazz steps!

This class is open to all levels.

WHERE: Como Primary School Hall, 225 Coode St, Como
WHEN: Sunday August 28th, 2pm – 3.30pm
COST: $20 (cash only)