Learn From One Of The Old Greats

Learn From One Of The Old Greats

20 years ago I walked into my first ever Lindy Hop class and began my Swing journey. It’s a journey that took me from a non dancing country boy to an international Swing Dance teacher that has taught all around the world. The important thing is, of course, that it all started with my first teacher…Roger Schmidlin.

Given it’s my 20th year AND Cheryl’s 20th year we thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite Roger to North Perth so he could teach a class for you all.

Roger is easily one of the most dynamic and athletic dancers I’ve ever seen and it was a real honour to have him as my Lindy Hop teacher. I learned a lot about the spirit and energy of the dance from Roger and I’m hoping you’ll all be keen to get a taste of that from Roger himself.

So come on down and join in on a class with Roger (and Cheryl) as we go back in time to where it all started!

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, View St North Perth
WHEN: 7.30pm – 8.30pm (Level 2), Tuesday Dec 3rd
COST: Regular class prices