Learn The Shim Sham

The Shim Sham is the most famous of all of the Swing line dances and has become legendary the world over. The creation of the Shim Sham is credited to Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant and was originally called ‘Goofus’! The Shim Sham is tap related in origin and was embraced by the Swing Revivalists in the 80s, bringing it back to full prominence. The Shim Sham is often danced to ‘Tuxedo Junction’ and can frequently be seen done at the Mustang Bar in the breaks or at many of the major Swing events here in Perth. The Shim Sham is a fantastic way to improve your timing, syncopation and to learn a bevy of classic Jazz steps!

Swing It! will be teaching the Shim Sham line dance in full in a special 80 minute class for no extra charge!

This class is open to all levels.

WHERE: Swing It! Manning – Manning Senior Citizen€™s Club, 3 Downey Dr Manning

WHEN: 9.00pm – 10.20pm. Wednesday, 12th March

COST: $15, regular class prices!