Learn To Slow Dance

We had such a great response to our last Slow Dancing workshop and a request for more so we’re excited to bring you a super fun follow up workshop!
This workshop will be in two parts… Firstly, a refresher of the basics so we can get some solid practice in again and introduce any new comers to Slow Dancing. Secondly it’s on to mixing our Slow Dancing in with our Lindy and showing you how to make it something you can use all the time on the dance floor!
11.00am – HOW TO SLOW DOWN: We’re going to start with the basics again. We’re going to slow it all down and show you how to move confidently with your partner to slower music. (Open to all Levels)
12.00pm – MIXING YOUR SLOW DANCING AND LINDY: You know the basics of Slow Dancing so now how do you incorporate that into your regular Swing dancing. Not only that but how do you mix Slow Dancing into your Lindy at more medium temp speeds! (open to those of you that know basic Slow Dancing and Lindy)
1.00pm – We can rock on down to the Como for drinks and snacks afterwards!
COST: $20 per class, $30 for both (Register below or pay at the door on the day. No Star Cards)
WHERE: Como Primary School Hall, 225 Coode St, Como
WHEN: June 15th

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