Level 1

Your journey starts right here!

We’re so excited that our classes have finally returned and we’d love to see you there. Starting on the evening of July 28th, Level 1 will return to its original format of drop in classes. That means you can start whenever you like after that date, regardless of where we are in our five weeks of material. Each class is designed to be someone’s first, so regardless of which week you start in you’ll always be taught the basics.

Our biggest focus is on you having the best beginner experience we can offer. Our focus as always is to make sure you’re comfortable, welcome and having the most amount of fun you can while learning the basics of this amazing dance.

Starting July 28th…

Start when you like

The best part about our Level 1 classes is you don’t need any experience whatsoever. The next best thing? You can start whenever you like.

All of our Level 1 classes run as “drop in” classes. That means new people can start each week and we’ll always be covering the important basic steps of the dance. We start you off with the basics every class and then give you different material to have fun with.

Five weeks is all you need

It’s not a “course” but there’s five weeks of material in Level 1 and it’s constantly repeated. That means if you come for five weeks, regardless of when you start, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to move to Level 2.

Or, if you wish, you can stay in Level 1 until you’re comfortable with the material and then you can move up. The choice is yours!

Join us at North Perth

As we ease back in, for now, all of our classes are running out of our biggest venue, the North Perth Town Hall. Full North Perth details here.

The hall is gorgeous and, most importantly, spacious! There’s a small carpark to the side with plenty of street parking all around.

Level 1 classes run from 6.30 – 7.30 on Tuesday nights. Come a little early to sign in before class. The hall is located at 23 View Street, North Perth. Look for our yellow and blue sandwich board.

Grab yourself a Star Card

If you’d like to save some money, why not purchase one of our Star Cards? The Star Cards cost $60 for five classes. That means you get your classes at the reduced price of $12 a class (single classes are $20)! The cards never expire and you don’t have to use them all in one go.

Star Cards can be purchased via the link below or at the venue’s desk prior to classes starting.

Class Cost

$60 for five weeks (that’s only $12 a class!).

$60 will get you a Star Card which gives you 5 classes that you can use at any venue (there’s no expiry date on the card so you can spread them out if you need to).

We highly recommend doing the whole course but if you absolutely only want to do one class then a single class will cost you $20. We definitely recommend the $12 option!

Classes can be purchased at the links below or at the venue.

Five Weeks of Classes

$ 60
  • Five weeks of beginner classes
  • Valid at all venues
  • Start when you like, no expiry

Single Class

$ 20
  • Single class
  • Valid at all venues


Almost, think of it as a course that starts when you do. We cover the basic steps every week so each class is designed to be someone’s first. Each week you’ll cover the basics and then learn new material. There’s a five week rotating syllabus and you can start at any time.

It’s best to come every week as there’s new moves and material each time and consistent learning has great benefits. However if you miss a week (or a few) due to work or life then you can easily do a make up class to catch up on the material you missed.

When you buy your five week course you’ll receive a Star Card. This has your classes on it and needs to be presented each time you attend class. Do these expire? No they don’t. You can use one class or two classes or however many you like and then take a reallllyyyy long break and those remaining classes are still yours to use!

Not at all, you can simply turn up to your first class.

No, we rotate partners in the class so you don’t need to bring a partner. However given current events, if you prefer to remain with one partner you may…you’ll just need to bring one.

Drink bottle, casual clothes, flat soled shoes…smile.

You can pay online via the links above or you can pay at the desk when you come to class.

Our Level 1 classes are a course and we definitely recommend you do all five classes. All five classes costs $60 which works out to $12 a class. If you absolutely only want to do a single class you can, a single class costs $20.

Unless you’ve had experience with Lindy Hop before you can’t. As dance professionals ourselves we strongly believe in learning a new dance from its foundation. Every dance is uniquely different and never more so than in the foundation and basic structure of the dance. We also teach basic moves like the Swing Out that are a requirement for moving into Level 2, without these you’re unable to attend that level.

The Level 1 syllabus covers 5 weeks of material. We continually cycle through all the moves and rhythms you need to know at this level so it doesn’t matter when you start. After 5 weeks you’ll want to be thinking of moving up or at least doing Level 1 & 2 together.