North Perth

North Perth

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Swing It! offers classes that cater for a variety of levels with the focus being on the authentic 1920s and 30s Lindy Hop style and fun! Our emphasis is on delivering an exciting and enthusiastic approach to the dance that defined a generation and is still going strong all around the world today!

Our North Perth classes are held on Tuesday nights.

6.30pm Level 1 (Beginners)Never done Swing dancing before?  This is where you start. Each weekly class is designed to be someone’s first while at the same time offering new moves and material.  No experience or partner necessary and you can start whenever you like just turn up!  The Level 1 syllabus covers 5 weeks of material but it doesn’t matter when you start, imagine it as a course that starts whenever you do.  Once you’ve done your 5 weeks in Level 1 it’s time to move up to Level 2.

7.30pm Level 2 – You’ve been in Level 1 for 5 weeks or so and now you’re looking to learn more. Here you learn the classic moves of the dance as well as the technique to really make your dancing feel fantastic. Level 1 was your introduction but here’s where you really see how big the Swing world can get.  You must have experience with Lindy Hop or have been through Level 1 to do this level.

8.30pm Level 3 – Here we explore the classic moves and rhythms of the Lindy Hop further with a greater emphasis on lead and follow techniques, musical appreciation and of course FUN!. The moves will become a little trickier and the speeds will be a little faster.

Where are the North Perth classes?

Classes are located at the North Perth Town Hall, View St North Perth. 

This venue is air conditioned!


Your North Perth teachers are Shane & Tara.


North Perth Town Hall, View St North Perth


Tuesday Nights
Level 1 – 6.30pm
Level 2 – 7.30pm
Level 3 – 8.30pm


All classes
$15 per class (cash or card are accepted at all venues).

No Need To Book

There’s no need to book for any of our classes, you can simply turn up on the night and start.

No Partner Needed

You won’t need a partner as we change partners in all of our classes. Dancing with different people is an essential part of the culture and one of the best ways to improve!

Beginner Drop In Classes

Level 1 (beginners) runs on a drop in format, that means you can start in any week. With a course you need to start at the beginning whereas our classes run as drop ins meaning each week the class is designed to cater for people joining in with no experience. Each week we start with the basic footwork and then introduce a move or two to work on that night. There’s five weeks of material in Level 1 so, once you’ve done all five weeks you can graduate to Level 2!

What To Bring

Flat soled shoes (trainers are fine).  A water bottle.