Victoria Park

Victoria Park

This location is currently closed

Due to Covid restrictions this venue is not active at the moment and all information listed is pre Covid.

Classes are running though and take place on Tuesday nights at our North Perth venue

Class Details

Swing It! offers classes that cater for a variety of levels with the focus being on the authentic 1920s and 30s Lindy Hop style and fun! Our emphasis is on delivering an exciting and enthusiastic approach to the dance that defined a generation and is still going strong all around the world today!

Our Victoria Park classes are held on Thursday nights.

7.00pm Level 1 (Beginners) – Never done Swing dancing before?  This is where you start. Each weekly class is designed to be someone’s first while at the same time offering new moves and material.  No experience or partner necessary and you can start whenever you like just turn up!  The Level 1 syllabus covers 5 weeks of material but it doesn’t matter when you start, imagine it as a course that starts whenever you do.  Once you’ve done your 5 weeks in Level 1 it’s time to move up to Level 2.

8.00pm Level 2 – You’ve been in Level 1 for 5 weeks or so and now you’re looking to try something a little harder. Here you learn new moves, new rhythms and a whole lot of new variations you can add to the moves you already know. Level 1 was your introduction but here’s where you really see how big the Swing world can get.  You must have experience with Lindy Hop or have been through Level 1 to do this level.

Where are the Vic Park classes?

Classes are located inside the Victoria Park Leisure Centre, 34 Kent St, Vic Park.

This venue is air conditioned!

Head through the doors…

You’ll see the Leisurelife reception. Turn to your left

You’ll see a small hallway, head down there and go all the way to the end!


Your Victoria Park teachers are Shane & Cheryl.


Victoria Park Leisure Centre, 34 Kent St, Vic Park


Thursday Nights
Level 1 – 7.00pm
Level 2 – 8.00pm


Level 1
$60 for the five weeks (that’s $12 a class!)
$20 if you’d rather just purchase a single class
Star Cards can be purchased at any of our venues

Level 2
$12 per class if you purchase a Star Card (Star Cards cost $60 and give you five classes)
$20 if you’d rather just purchase a single class
Star Cards can be purchased at any of our venues

No Need To Book

There’s no need to book for any of our classes, you can simply turn up on the night and start.

The Course Starts When You Do

Level 1 is a course but you can start in any week. We cover the basic steps in every class in addition to new moves. There is five weeks of material in Level 1 that’s on continual rotation and every class is designed to be someone’s first, you can start at any time. Also, if you purchase the course, it doesn’t expire; this means you can take your time doing the course or you can do it all at once…it’s up to you!

What To Bring

Flat soled shoes (trainers are fine).  A water bottle.